Corn flakes Were Created to Stop Masturbation

Originally published here:

Cornflakes might not be your favourite breakfast cereal, but it remains one of the cereals that is always at the breakfast buffet, and always in your mother’s pantry.  It might just be that your distaste for corn flakes is not by accident though, as Mr Kellogg actually developed cornflakes primarily to stop children from masturbating!  He had particular ideas about masturbation, writing, “if illicit commerce of the sexes is a heinous sin, self-pollution is a crime doubly abominable.” He felt that certain foods inspired ‘self-pollution’, like spicy foods,  meat, and generally anything that tasted too good. One of the biggest fights he had with his brother, and business partner, was over adding sugar to cornflakes. Kellogg’s brother had the (right) idea that sugar would vastly improve the taste of the cereal, but Kellogg stood by his original vision, that of plain and boring, sexual desire killing food, so the flakes remained unsweetened.


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