Want to work with me?

I’ve written for a variety of outlets including SciMoms, Canadian Dogs Annual, The Bark magazine, The McGill Daily, Skeptical Inquirer, Animal Wellness Magazine, The Skeptic and others. My background is in gender, social justice, feminist and sexuality studies, as well as bio-organic and oligonucleotide chemistry. I have experience writing about complex and nuanced topics, both scientific and otherwise, for a general audience. My interests span all scientific disciplines, and I have hardly ever found a topic that I am not interested in.

On top of science, social justice issues and feminism, my other interests include sports (in particular hockey), video games, podcasts, baking and animal welfare.

I have extensive experience doing both traditional (TV, radio, book) and new media work. I have appeared on panels and podcasts, done consulting work and done extensive social media management for non-profits, educational institutions and startups. I have experience doing with graphic design, transcription, captioning, fact-checking, copywriting and editing.

I currently live in London, England, but remain eligible to work in both the U.K. and Canada. I’m open to opportunities around the world.

You can view my portfolio here.

If you or your organization is interested in working with me, please contact me through the form on this site or my email adamcvean(at)gmail.com.